Drawer's Drawings

6 Sheets of Scented Paper

With Drawer’s Drawings, BYREDO reinvents the tradition of scented paper. In collaboration with Paris-based creative studio M/M (Paris), BYREDO has created a limited edition of six fragrant drawings. Combining graphic qualities and olfactory diffusion, this rare object helps evoke a more intimate experience in our interiors.

The visual vocabulary of M/M (Paris) is instantly recognisable: both raw and complex, carefree yet eloquent. Each page presents hand-drawn illustrations seemingly arranged following a free association process. Reminiscent of Surrealist automatism, the scribbled lines reinforce the haphazardness of the composition. The fragrance brings a sensual twist to the graphic elements, making them appear as images from a floating world.

Top: Bergamot
Heart: Lily of the Valley
Base: Amber, Cotton
Limited quantities

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